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quit smoking tips

20 tips to quit smoking that actually work

1. Believe in yourself, believe you can stop. Think about the hardest things you've done in your life and realize that you have the courage and perseverance to quit smoking.

2. After reading these tips, sit down and create your own list, tailored to your personality and how you go about things. Make your own “stop-plan”.

3. Write down the reasons why you want to stop smoking (the benefits): live longer, feel better, for your family, save money, smell better, etc. You already know that smoking is bad for you and what changes once you stops. Write it down and read it daily.

4. Ask your family and friends for support in your decision to quit smoking. Let them know in time that you are likely to be easily irritable and maybe even irrational while trying to quit your smoking habit.

5. Schedule a quit date. Decide which day you will light your last cigarette. Write it down, make a plan for it. Set your mind on “the first day of the rest of your life”.

6. Talk to your doctor about it. Support from a primary care physician is a proven way to increase your chances of quitting.

7. Start exercising. Sports can be very difficult to combine with smoking. Exercise relieves stress and helps your body recover from the damage years of smoking have caused. Start slow, walk 1 or 2 times a day and build up the intensity to 30-40 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week. Discuss your plans with your doctor if necessary.

8. Do breathing exercises for about 3-5 minutes every day. Take a very slow breath through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale very slowly through your mouth. Try to do this with your eyes closed and go to tip 9.

9. Visualize your goal to become a non-smoker. While doing the breathing exercises from tip 8, close your eyes and see yourself as a non-smoker. See yourself enjoying sports (tip 7). See yourself refusing a cigarette that is offered to you. See yourself throwing away your cigarettes. Try to create your own visualizations, visualization really works.

10. Don't stop smoking all at once, but gradually reduce it. Slow down means: plan how many cigarettes you will smoke each day, until when you stop, and reduce the number of cigarettes each day. Take a different brand so you will enjoy it less, give your cigarettes to someone else so you have to ask for them every time.

11. Stop smoking in 1 go. This is at odds with tip 10, but for some people this is the best solution, who have the need to abruptly end their smoking habit and do not want to gradually reduce it. Find the method that suits you best.

12. Try to find someone who is also trying to quit smoking and help each other with positive words and a listening ear when the going gets tough.

13. Get your teeth fixed. Enjoy the look of your teeth and plan to keep them that way.

14. Celebrate the highlights of your smoking cessation journey. Go to the cinema 2 weeks after you quit smoking. After a month, to a nice restaurant. After 3 months, go away for a weekend. After 6 months, buy yourself something nice. After a year, throw a party. Invite your family and friends to your “birthday party” and celebrate your new chance at a long and healthy life.

15. Drink plenty of water. Water is good for you anyway and most people don't drink enough. It helps flush the nicotine and other chemicals from your body. In addition, it can help to counteract the need for sweets.

16. Try to figure out where your craving for a cigarette comes from. For example stress, end of a meal, arriving at work, entering a bar etc. Avoid this as far as possible and plan other reactions as soon as these situations arise.

17. Find something you can hold in your hand and mouth to replace a cigarette. For example drinking straws or the Supersmoker.

18. Write an inspiring song or poem about quitting smoking and what it means to you. Read it daily.

19. Always keep a photo of your family or someone very important to you. Write the words “I'm stopping for myself and for you/you” on a piece of paper and tape this paper to the photo. Every time you get that urge to smoke, pull out the photo and read the text.

20. Every time the urge to smoke resurfaces, write down your feelings or thoughts. Keep this “diary” with you at all times.

Good luck with a stop and I hope this one quit smoking tips will help you on your way.

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