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Sleep problems

Acupuncture for sleeping problems

Based on the number of hours of sleep you need, you can see if you have sleeping problems. Because not everyone needs the same amount of sleep to function properly and get through the day. And so everyone can also have to deal with different and different sleeping problems. For example, you may have problems falling asleep or have problems sleeping through the night. But you can also wake up much too early. So you don't start the day rested. 

You can suffer from sleeping problems for a long time due to tension during the (working) day, but also due to exhaustion. External factors that do not contribute to this are alcohol, physical complaints and an environment in which you cannot sleep peacefully. 

During the day, due to your lack of sleep, you can experience concentration problems, reduced resistance, increased irritability, but also fatigue. This also makes you more prone to get sick more quickly. With acupuncture you can treat these complaints in a natural way. On Acupuncturists Overview you can read more about it here.

Treat sleeping problems

Many complaints are seen in Traditional Chinese medicine as a disturbance in your natural rhythm. This rhythm is established by yin and yang. Yin stands for rest and Yang for activity. It is important to restore the balance between these so that you can get back to a good night's sleep. 
With acupuncture for sleeping problems you can restore this imbalance. You do this by replenishing a shortage of yin energy, and by removing any excess yang energy. Needles will be placed at strategic places on the body to ensure that the energy flows through the body in the correct way again.

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