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What is an affordable laser eye treatment?

There are several clinics in the Netherlands that perform laser eye treatments. Prices vary not only per clinic, but also per treatment method. The cost for the laser eyes According to Independer, per eye is on average between 1.300 euros and 1.900 euros. An affordable laser eye treatment is therefore at the low end of this range in that regard. There are clinics that are very affordable in that regard, as the rates on Visusoogkliniek.nl show. There, the rates for certain laser eye treatments are even below the average cost.


Free preliminary research

There are several factors that determine whether laser eye surgery is affordable or not. This also includes the costs of a preliminary investigation. Such an examination takes place prior to treatment, but is of course part of the complete picture. In that regard, laser eye surgery can also be regarded as affordable if there is a free preliminary examination.


Free re-treatment

There are several eye clinics that offer affordable laser eye treatments and provide free re-treatment. For example, if it appears that the vision is deteriorating in a certain period after the treatment. Conditions usually apply, such as a specific term to qualify for a free re-treatment. When that period has passed, you will have to take care of the costs yourself again. That is the standard, but there is an exception. For example, there is a clinic that offers a lifetime guarantee to qualify for a free retreatment. In the long term, this makes laser eye surgery more affordable.


Lowest price guarantee

Another feature of an affordable laser eye surgery is the lowest price guarantee. If a clinic promotes a lowest price guarantee, this is financially advantageous. If a lower rate is charged at another clinic for the same eye laser treatment, that rate will apply under application of the lowest price guarantee. This way you have the certainty that you are getting the best deal.


All-in rate

It is not always easy to compare the many providers of laser eye treatments on price. This is because not every clinic has an all-in rate and there may be hidden costs. For example, costs for carrying out a preliminary examination, but also costs for a follow-up check and after-treatment. A clinic with an all-in rate offers more clarity without hidden costs. In that respect, it is also possible to choose an affordable eye laser treatment with an all-in rate.

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