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What is Etizolam?

Etizolam, also known as Etilaam, Etizest and Traxene, is a new anti-anxiety drug belonging to the benzodiazepine class. Etizolam is chemically related to benzodiazepines and works by binding to GABA receptors in the brain.

This medicine is not often prescribed. However, Etizolam is often offered for sale online and then used as a replacement for other pharmaceutical benzodiazepines such as alprazolam (Xanax) or diazepam (Valium). It is used for the treatment of anxiety and the short-term treatment of insomnia.


Why is etizolam prescribed?

Etizolam is mainly used to treat the symptoms of depression. However, it is also used as a sleep aid, anti-anxiety, hypnotic and muscle relaxant. It is effective, but one must know how to use it safely.


What are the side effects of etizolam?

The side effects of etizolam are undoubtedly general muscle relaxation, physical euphoria, loss of motor control, respiratory depression, increased libido, appetite stimulation and suppression of seizures. You may still feel sleepy and tired after taking this medicine. Irritability and anxiety are also not uncommon.


In what dosages is etizolam prescribed?

The minimum dose required to produce an effect is 0,2 - 0,5 mg etizolam. For mild effects, a dose of 0,5 - 1 mg is sufficient, but usually a dose of 1 - 2 mg is recommended.

The total duration of action is 5 - 7 hours. This medicine starts to act in 15 - 25 minutes with peak effects after 2 - 3 hours. However, you will continue to feel the aftereffect for about 6 - 24 hours.


How should I take etizolam?

Take etizolam according to your doctor's instructions. Your dose will likely be changed by the doctor during the course of treatment and therefore any changes should be closely monitored. Do not use this medicine in larger or smaller amounts than prescribed. You are likely to experience some side effects when there is a change in the amount or timing of dosing.


Where can I buy Etizolam?

You can buy etizolam from us via the internet. Nowadays everything can be bought online because it is easier and less hassle. Buying Etizolam online is the new standard. At onlineapotheek.co we are aware of the advantages of ordering medicines online. Hence we offer you this well written and easy to understand website where you can buy etizolam. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor or healthcare provider before buying etizlam.

You can order via a user-friendly and transparent order form, after which you will be taken to a secure and encrypted payment page. If you have any questions before or after placing your order, you can easily contact our customer support who will be happy to guide you through the ordering process.

We guarantee a safe and discreet delivery. Once you have placed an order, all you have to do is wait to receive your medicine in a blank bubble envelope.

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