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Healthy food and supplements: a very strong combination

More and more people are focusing on making a positive change in their diet. Are you one of them? Well done! Because the right diet can be seen as the foundation of good health. After all, your body needs sufficient essential nutrients every day.

You can think of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and many other substances. They all contribute to a healthy and vital life. However, your body may not be able to get enough nutrients from your diet. In that case, provide the right one supplements the solution for many.

In other words, the combination of a healthy diet and supplements leads to an improvement in their health in many people. You can read more about that in this article.


The benefits of a varied diet consisting of a healthy diet

We have already described above that a varied diet - consisting of healthy foods - can be considered the basis of a healthy life. There are an awful lot of body processes that need nutrients to function properly.

When you enrich your diet with enough healthy food, chances are that your body can take in enough essential nutrients. For example, there are many vitamins in avocados (B vitamins), broccoli (vitamin A) and fish (vitamins D and E).

In addition, a varied and healthy diet should ideally include foods rich in minerals. You can think of nuts (calcium and copper), green leafy vegetables (calcium and zinc) and meat (iron). But that is not everything…

Protein-rich foods (such as chicken and eggs) are also suitable for helping your body recover from sports training and other heavy physical activities. That way, injuries can thanks nutrition prevented and you will feel more energetic, as proteins help to keep your body in top condition.

Yet it can happen that you get one or more nutrient deficiencies. This can be due to various causes. Intensive exercise, old age, intestinal imbalance: some of the many factors that can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Read on to find out how supplements can help you in that case.


Prevent or combat nutrient deficiencies with supplements

Have you been feeling tired and lethargic lately, and are you not feeling well? Then it is wise to pay a visit to the doctor. He or she can check your blood values, so that a shortage of one or more nutrients can be made visible or excluded.

Are you short of something? Then it is advisable to discuss with a medical specialist, such as a nutritionist (dietician), whether you would benefit from the use of certain supplements. After all, the right nutritional supplements can quickly and effectively combat or reduce nutrient deficiencies.

However, it is important to remember that supplements should never be used as a substitute for a healthy and varied diet. In other words, they only serve as a supplement to a healthy diet. Nevertheless, you can use certain types of supplements preventively.

Think of protein shakes for fanatic athletes or a multivitamin to give a boost to your immune system. Some supplements can therefore be used preventively instead of reactively. In this way, a strong combination is created between your diet and the supplements you use!

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