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hearing damage

How can you best prevent hearing damage?


Hearing loss is often permanent. It would be a shame if you started to suffer hearing damage at a young age. You have to miss the sound of the sea or the sound of the new formula 1 cars. But how are you going prevent hearing damage† First, it is useful to wear hearing protection. Not only does hearing protection protect your hearing, but it also reduces the risk of tinnitus. Hearing protection can be earplugs, for example. These earplugs can be specially made for festivals, for example. There are also earmuffs for the hardware store. These are very good ear flaps that you can put on. These earplugs and earflaps do cost money, of course, but the The cost of a hearing aid that you would need if you sustain hearing damage is much higher.


The cost of a hearing aid

De cost of a hearing aid can be as high as you want. First, you need to consider the type of hearing aid you buy. For example, a hearing aid that is insured by health insurance costs a lot less. These are therefore adequate hearing aids. You also have to take into account that you can lose your deductible. For example, if you want a hearing aid that is rechargeable, you pay €149,50 extra. If you prefer a premium hearing aid, the reimbursement from the insurer will often lapse. However, you do get a device that is more complete and provides a better listening experience.


Types of hearing protection you can use

To prevent damage to hearing, you can use hearing protection. This saves you the cost of a hearing aid. As mentioned before, there are earplugs that are specially made for festivals or for construction. There are also hearing protectors against music, work or hobby. Hearing damage can also be prevented during sports. For example, there are swimming caps that ensure that no water can get into your ear. There are also earplugs for flying so that you are less bothered by the air pressure differences. Furthermore, many manufacturers ensure that the caps fit comfortably in your ears by making them nice and soft or a bit harder.


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