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5 tips to lose weight faster

Do you want to achieve your perfect shape in a feasible and responsible way? Lose those extra pounds without being taken over by a grumpy hunger monster? With our 5 tips you can easily add extra to lose weight and give your fat burning an extra boost!


Fat burning, weight loss and plateaus

Many people experience so-called plateaus when they try to lose weight. It will go off, but it will come back just as hard, or the beginning was there and now the scales don't give a home anymore. With some simple tips you can really get your fat burning going again. No body is broken, you can really give it a push in the right direction. We don't want to withhold these super tips from you, so let's get started!


1: Walk enough

Not a game changer at first glance, but the bulk of your burn after your basic metabolism is activities that are not sports. Basically all the movement we do: get coffee at the coffee machine, pick up your children from school by bike or walk to the pantry to grab a bag of chips. All low-intensity activities that require energy, burn extra fat and will help you lose weight!

However, most people don't walk that much anymore, especially if they have a desk-based job. Therefore, map out how many steps you take in a day with a pedometer on your phone, or via an activity tracker such as the Fitbit. If you know approximately how much you move, try to walk a little more every week. Opinions differ on how much you should walk, and 10.000 steps seems like the standard, but don't worry if you're well below that. Every step you take is a step in the right direction!


2: Eat enough

The body is smart. No surprises there of course, but it may well be that your body has simply adapted to your calorie intake. If you had started a diet to lose weight (or eat less), your body will have figured out your trick by now. Most people then try to eat even less, with all kinds of consequences. Realize that your body needs a certain amount of food to function properly. If you are already eating fewer calories, do so for a short period of time, then eat at your usual level. The well-known yo-yo effect often starts here and no one has ever benefited from it.

Calculate how many calories you need using, for example, our tdee calculator (TDEE = total daily energy expenditure). Depending on your activity level, you can calculate your energy needs and you know what you should be getting. In addition, you increase your basic metabolism by eating more!


3: Preserve your muscle mass

Your basic metabolism (BMR) is about 60, up to 75% of your energy burn. And for that you really don't have to do ANYTHING! Your BMR is your energy expenditure when you do nothing at all. It is well known that more muscle burns more energy. A bodybuilder with a lot of muscle mass uses more energy than someone who has never lifted a weight. Of course you don't have to become a bodybuilder, but it is important that you at least maintain the muscle mass you have. And preferably enlarged. Because let's be honest, almost everyone looks better with a little more muscle.

You can do this by, for example, going to the gym and doing weight training there, but you can also do all the necessary training at home by means of body weight. Just think of a TRX, or exercises like pushups, burpees, kettlebel swings etc to keep your muscles working. In any case, remember that you need to maintain your muscle mass as much as possible in order to also keep your fat burning at an acceptable level.


4: Reduce stress

Stress almost never feels good, and for that reason alone you would like to have it as little as possible. The fact is, however, that we all lead fast-paced, busy lives that often involve a lot of stress. However, keep in mind that this is not a balance that your body likes to be in. You always have the choice to change things, and if you are aware that some things take too much negative energy you are probably better off without. However, stress can also be physical due to long workouts, your body experiences things that often last more than an hour as stressful and then starts producing cortisol. Cortisol ensures less fat burning and is therefore exactly what you do not want!

So keep your workouts short: 30 minutes to an hour is more than enough. Limit your cardio, rather a fast sprint session than a long running session. Be aware of your stress factors, also at work and try to think about factors that demand a lot from you. Are those things you might want to do something about, or arrange differently? Do things that make you happy!


5: Don't stare at the scale

This may be the hardest for a lot of people, and understandably so, but weight loss isn't linear. What we mean by that is that your weight will probably fluctuate a bit. When we lose weight, we all want results, and preferably as quickly as possible. However, losing a pound a week is healthy. Sometimes a little more, but on average that's nice. Of course you can lose weight very quickly with shakes, but you will not continue to eat them for the rest of your life. In addition, the chance is more than present that you do more damage with it than you do anything with it. Most people who lose weight in these ways will gain weight afterwards and often weigh more than they weighed before! Not a circle you want to end up in.

Weigh yourself about once a week, pick a good day (Monday, Tuesday) and then weigh yourself in the morning. If you have followed our advice and do more on your muscle mass, it may also be that you gain weight in muscle mass. This can of course also influence the result on the scale. That is why it is not a bad idea to do a waist measurement, for example, because it is possible that you have indeed lost fat around your waist or at the legs. So also measure your waist, legs and neck with a tape measure. Not all your results can be read on the scale.

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