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Corona vaccine

The corona vaccine: what can a COVID-19 vaccination mean for you?

There are many different ways to stop or prevent epidemics. Many infectious diseases can be prevented with clean drinking water, good sanitation and safe food. This is more difficult with diseases that are transmitted during normal daily interaction between people. The flu is an example of this, but so are COVID-19, measles and polio. Such epidemics are permanent […]

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Ophthalmic Conditions: 4 Tips

There are many different types of ophthalmic conditions and for every problem there is often a solution that can help. For example, you may suffer from dry eyes or watery eyes or so-called floaters. We are happy to help you with ophthalmic disorders with the tips below. What is an ophthalmic condition? When we […]

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laser eye surgery

Laser eye treatment

Contact lens wearers who are tired of having to keep to the same routine every morning to put in their lenses can go to an eye laser clinic in 2021 to have their eyes lasered. Of course, the same also applies to spectacle wearers. Keep in mind that unfortunately not all eyes are suitable for laser eye surgery. How […]

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laser eye

What is an affordable laser eye treatment?

There are several clinics in the Netherlands that perform laser eye treatments. Prices vary not only per clinic, but also per treatment method. According to Independer, the cost of laser eye surgery is on average between 1.300 euros and 1.900 euros per eye. An affordable laser eye treatment is therefore at the low end of this range in that regard. There […]

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Diabetes is a disease that affects many around the world. This is because diabetes is a natural chronic disease that anyone can get at some point. The number of diabetics is also very high in the Netherlands. For example, diabetes is the largest chronic disease in the Netherlands. Yet many people do not really know what the disease entails […]

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What impact an addiction can have on your life

In the Netherlands, people are very free to do what they want with regard to alcohol and drugs. This is good in principle, since a country does not benefit from punishing everyone who smokes a joint, for example. Moreover, alcohol is also a kind of hard drug if you look at the health problems that […]

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diet pills

Diet Pills: THE Key To Successful Weight Loss?

You see diet pills on TV in commercials, in magazines and especially on the internet. You can order anything online and you can walk into a drugstore or pharmacy to pick something off the shelves. Hundreds of different diet pills exist and the industry continues to produce them as the demand is high. Let's face it, […]

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reliable internet pharmacy

More than half of internet pharmacies are fake

In recent years, many internet pharmacies have appeared on the virtual market. This increases the risk of patients coming into contact with counterfeit medicines. Ignorant, unsuspecting consumers are very vulnerable to the potential consequences of purchasing medicines online. A recent study by the “European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicins” (EAASM) shows that 62 percent […]

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smart drugs

Smart drugs are on the rise (whether you like it or not!)

You've led the same team for the past five years - and one day you find that your most successful employee uses cognitive stimulants at work. Although it may seem hypothetical, but be aware that it is possible. The unauthorized use of prescription drugs such as Ritalin and the narcolepsy drug Modafinil is […]

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