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Nootropics: Drugs that improve memory, concentration and learning

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For thousands of years, people have sought resources that they hope can increase their mental strength and stamina. Leaves, roots and fruits have been chewed, brewed and smoked in their quest to expand the mind. This search continues today, with the difference that people now work in pharmaceutical laboratories instead of forests.

Today, the search for drugs to treat the effects of Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit disorders, strokes and the dementia associated with Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia is ongoing. In the process of creating new drugs that can treat these conditions, it has been noted that they can also provide a mental boost to healthy people.

Such drugs are known as cognition enhancers or nootropics. They work on the neural processes that underlie mental activities such as attention, perception, learning, memory, language, planning and decision making. They change the balance of the chemical neurotransmitters involved in these processes.

More nootropics in the future

A report from the Academy of Medical Sciences, a British scholarly society, states that a large number of such nootropics are likely to appear in the coming decades. Sir Gabriel Horn, a researcher at the University of Cambridge who chaired the group that compiled the report, says scientists are working on more than 600 drugs for neurological disorders.

History tells us that most of these drugs, such as Provigil and Ritalin, will be regulated by the government. Provigil and Ritalin can provide a real “brain boost” in healthy people. Memory is strengthened by it. It also improves people's performance in testing their planning ability. Because of such positive effects on normal people, the report says, there is growing use of these drugs to combat fatigue. It can also help people in shift work, improve study performance and promote recovery from the effects of long-haul flights.

Earlier this year, Nature, one of the world's largest scientific journals, conducted an informal survey among its (mainly scientific) readers. One in five of the 1400 people who responded said they would Ritalin en Buy Provigil did for non-medical reasons. They used them to boost their focus, concentration or memory. Of those one in five, 62% opted for Ritalin and 44% for Provigil. Most users somehow got a prescription or bought the drugs online.

This popularity has obviously not escaped the notice of large companies. Considering these kinds of results and looking at future drugs that are likely to hit the market, many people, including the report's authors, believe that the use of cognition-enhancing drugs will increase dramatically. This can have a very positive effect on the profits of large companies.

While nootropics have been developed to treat certain conditions, it will be difficult to avoid their use by healthy people. However, if they don't have any negative side effects, there is a lot of reason to use them.

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