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Buy Champix

Buy Champix

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Buy Champix to quit smoking? That's the best solution! It is easy to use and has a success rate of over 80%. In addition, Champix is ​​available without a prescription. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to a smoke-free life and order Champix today!


Buy Champix can help you to give up smoking permanently by fighting addiction and reducing the craving for a cigarette. If you want to buy Champix tablets online in a safe and reliable way, we can help you. At our online pharmacy you can order Champix without a prescription. Buying Champix online is easy and convenient. If you want to buy Champix online, use Onlineapotheek.co, a Dutch pharmacy you can trust.


What is varenicline used for?

Varenicline, also known by its brand name Champix, is a medicine that helps people to quit smoking. The majority of smokers would like to let go of cigarettes or tobacco. One of the main reasons many struggle with this is because nicotine is addictive. Soon after your last toke, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Varenicline (Champix®) can help you with this.


How Varenicline Works

Varenicline (Champix®) is a medicine that was first authorized in the United Kingdom in December 2006. It was developed to help smokers quit. Varenicline mimics the effect of nicotine on the body. Therefore, it reduces the urge to smoke as well as the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.

Varenicline works by disrupting receptors in the brain that stimulate nicotine. (The nicotine in cigarettes attaches to the receptors in the brain cells to stimulate part of the brain. What varenicline does is partially stimulate the nicotine receptors. This mimics the effects of nicotine to reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms. when you stop smoking, but at the same time it partially blocks the receptors and prevents nicotine from attaching to the receptors, which blocks or blunts the effect of nicotine in people who give in to temptation and smoke a cigarette.


If you take Champix:

  • you get continuous release of the pleasure that dopamine provides. It doesn't have quite the same intensity as a cigarette. However, you will feel it throughout the day.
  • You usually get less appetite and fewer withdrawal symptoms, such as concentration problems, frustration, restlessness and anxiety.
  • And you smoke anyway, you miss the pleasure of smoking.


In what strengths is this medication available?

  • 0,5 mg

Each capsular tablet is white to off-white with “Pfizer” written on one side and “CHX 0,5” on the other. This means that each tablet contains 0,5 mg of varenicline (as tartrate).


  • 1 mg

Each capsule shaped tablet has a light blue color and is coated with folate. “Pfizer” is written on one side of the tablet and “CHX 1.0” on the other side. This means that this pill contains 1 mg of varenicline (as tartrate).


How Effective Is Varenicline?

Varenicline increases the chance of successfully quitting smoking. This has been effectively investigated in some studies. Studies have compared varenicline to a dummy (placebo tablet) in people eager to let go of cigarettes or tobacco. The results of the studies showed that 21 out of 100 people have successfully used varenicline to quit. This compared to about 8 in 100 people who took the dummy tablets. In other words, taking varenicline more than doubled the chances of success.


How do I take varenicline?

Varenicline alone will not make you quit smoking. You still need determination to succeed in breaking your habits. A combination of varenicline with supervision by a nurse, doctor, pharmacist or other health professional does increase your chance of a successful smoking stop. Therefore, most doctors will only prescribe varenicline to people who really want to quit smoking as part of a program or plan.


  • You need a prescription if you want to buy varenicline.
  • Set a quit date - the date you plan to quit smoking.
  • Start taking the tablets a week before you plan to stop. The goal is to build up the dose so that your body is used to the medicine before the quit date. The usual advice is to start with 0,5 mg per day for the first three days. Then 0,5 mg twice a day for the next 4 to 7 days. And then 1 mg twice a day for 11 weeks.
  • Take each dose with a full glass of water, preferably after a meal. So, ideally, after breakfast and after dinner.
  • Tell your doctor if you experience any side effects. A dose reduction may be an option to reduce it.


The usual duration of treatment is 12 weeks. If you have successfully quit smoking by then:

  • Are you a non-smoker!
  • An additional 12 weeks of treatment may be advised. You can discuss this with your doctor. It can be helpful for people who are unsure whether they will last.
  • In some cases, a gradual withdrawal of this medicine over the period of a week may be helpful. This is because at the end of treatment, if the drug is stopped abruptly, about 3 in 100 people experience irritability, the urge to smoke, depression and / or sleep problems for a short time. These problems can be alleviated by a gradual reduction in the dose.
  • If you have not been able to stop treatment after 12 weeks, there is no point in continuing the treatment. It may then be better to discuss with your doctor or practice nurse what other options there are.


What are the side effects of varenicline?

Most people who use varenicline have no or only minor side effects. However, it is strongly recommended that you read the information that comes with the medicine for a full list of possible side effects. Caution is always advised. The most common and possibly most serious side effects are highlighted below.


  • Common but usually not serious side effects

The most commonly reported side effects are nausea (nausea). This is often mild and tolerable. Nausea is considered less of a problem if you take the tablets with a full glass of water immediately after a meal. Some other side effects reported in some people are sleep problems (insomnia), abnormal dreams, headache and flatulence. Taking the evening dose after dinner, and not just before going to bed, may reduce the side effects of sleep.

Varenicline can also affect your ability to drive and use machines. You shouldn't drive or operate complex machinery or participate in potentially dangerous activities until you know how varenicline affects you.


  • A possible increase in the risk of heart problems

In June 2011, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that varenicline may increase the risk of heart complications (such as heart attack) in people with existing cardiovascular disease. (Cardiovascular diseases are diseases of the heart or blood vessels, such as angina or peripheral vascular disease). The warning was based on a study that followed 700 smokers who suffered from cardiovascular disease and were treated with varenicline. The results of the study confirmed that varenicline was effective in helping people to quit smoking. Also, adverse cardiovascular events such as heart attack were generally uncommon. However, certain cardiovascular events, including heart attack, were slightly more common in people taking varenicline than those treated with placebo.

However, the increased risk of cardiovascular disease was not statistically significant. (That is, the small increased number of cardiovascular events may have happened by chance.) More recent research has found no evidence that varenicline causes an increase in cardiovascular events such as heart attack.


  • Mood and behavior changes

After its introduction, there were several reports of a possible association between varenicline and behavior or mood changes. Suspected symptoms included hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. The manufacturer was commissioned by the US FDA to conduct a large randomized control trial in more than 8.000 people to specifically look at this issue. The results were published in 2016 and showed no increase in mental health symptoms in humans on any of the smoking cessation treatments, including with the use of varenicline. The European Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the FDA have now removed their warnings regarding varenicline and behavioral or mood changes. The FDA states that the results of the study confirm that the benefits of quitting smoking outweigh the risks of these drugs.


Who shouldn't use varenicline?

Varenicline is generally considered a safe drug for most people. However, it is a relatively new drug and therefore caution is advised in certain people. For example, it is not approved for use in people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people under the age of 18, and people with severe kidney failure. Your doctor or practice nurse will advise whether or not you are suitable for this medicine. If you are unable to take varenicline, there are other ways you can get help to quit.


What are the Champix alternatives?

If you still feel that Champix is ​​not for you or if you are not quite ready to quit, there are alternative options such as:

  • Nicotine patches - these adhere to the skin and deliver controlled doses of nicotine. By gradually reducing the strength of the patches, you can make it easier to quit smoking.
  • Nicotine gum or tablets - Like patches, these doses deliver nicotine into your body, reducing your nicotine cravings. They can be used alone or in addition to patches if you are a heavy smoker.
  • Nicotine Inhalers or Sprays - You can use these in a similar way to chewing gum. This when it is necessary to reduce your cravings for a cigarette and help you break your smoking habit.
  • Electronic cigarettes - Although extensive research has not yet been completed, most doctors agree that using an electronic cigarette is much safer than traditional cigarettes, which contain tobacco.


Where can I Buy Champix?

If you really want to quit, you can Champix to buy. It is one of the most effective ways as it triples the chances of success compared to other tools. Another advantage why you should buy Champix is ​​because it contains no nicotine. Some substitutes such as patches, inhalers and sprays contain nicotine and help people to quit smoking. However, it does not help them get rid of their nicotine addiction. Hence, this medicine is much better than all other different tools and techniques.

Whether you Buy Champix goes through the internet or through your regular pharmacy is your decision. Be aware that buying Champix on the internet can save you a significant amount of time and money. If you choose the internet you can Buy Champix from the comfort of your home or office and with the necessary privacy. However, we do recommend ordering it from a safe and reliable source such as Onlineapotheek.co.


Can I buy Champix without a prescription?

At Onlineapotheek.co you can easily, safely and quickly buy Champix without a prescription. However, our online pharmacy is purely informative and does not want to replace the relationship between doctor and patient in any way! Always consult a doctor before buying or using Champix. In addition to a smoking cessation plan, this can also give you numerous tips to quit smoking.


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