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herbs for insomnia

Herbal Supplements for Insomnia: Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

Because of the scary reporting around sleep medications such as zolpidem (Ambien) Many people are looking for natural alternatives such as herbs for getting a good night's sleep. But do these herbal supplements really work?

Absolutely, say specialists. Natural alternatives have always worked to treat sleep disorders. This holistic way helps many people with their problems to get to sleep and stay asleep. But which supplements are the most effective now?

There are many natural alternatives available to treat insomnia. Many people find it a good idea to try different remedies so they can determine what works best for them.

Below we list some natural alternatives for the treatment of insomnia. Each is effective in its own way for reducing sleep problems.


Probably the most famous of all so-called natural treatments for insomnia. This remedy has stood the test of time and is a safe alternative to sleeping pills. Chamomile is used for insomnia, restlessness and depression. Chamomile can be used to make tea. Also, some people choose to use it as an oil in the bath or shower.


Lavender oil is some of the most valuable oil in the medical world and is able to reduce the functioning of the central nervous system. You can add a few drops to your bath to prevent insomnia.


Hops are not only used for making light beer. It has been used as a sedative for over 100 years. It is generally helpful in reducing stress, tension and discomfort. It is often added to pillows to induce sleep.


Valerian is often used in a tea or dietary supplement. It is a trendy, organic and natural sedative. It is used as a sedative. In addition, it reduces the nighttime awakening time. Valerian is one of the stronger natural alternatives for getting enough sleep. Its strength is comparable to that of Valium. However, Valerian has far fewer side effects. Valerian is usually combined with other natural treatments, including passion flower and poppy.

Passion flower

Passionflower also depresses the nervous system making it useful as an organic alternative to reduce nervousness and induce sleep.

This herb is a crucial supplement for the treatment of sleep problems, especially when they are due to worries, reduced immunity and burnout. This natural remedy does not seem to have any unwanted effects, making it suitable for children.

St. John's wort

New scientific tests show that St. John's wort can help minimize chronic sleep disturbances and even minor symptoms of depression when these conditions are based on biochemistry imbalances. It is recommended to stay out of the sun when using this herb as it stimulates the absorption of ultraviolet rays.

cava cava

Kava kava is used as a pain reliever or as a moderate sedative. The highest consumption occurs in Fiji, but it is also loved in the Hawaiian region. It has a negligible anesthetic effect, relaxes the body, and is said to greatly improve sleep. Kava kava is believed to be just as effective as Valium when used to relieve anxiety.


Natural alternatives are probably not as strong as prescription drugs for inducing sleep. However, they do have the advantage that they are not addictive and you cannot build up a tolerance for them. This makes them effective for long-term use. You can use them as an addition to your existing insomnia treatment.

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